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Photoshoot with Krissie

A photoshoot with Krissie at the Everglades Archery Club. 

Nuclear Insight - My first gallery showing

A short clip displaying some of my experiences during my first gallery display. I am honored to have been curated by Kelcie Mcquaid and to share the space with other artists, it was an experience I wish to relive often in future showings to come.

Angelica Shoot

She has a sense of adventure, a sense of curiosity, high intellect, expresses herself via paintings, and has walked paths not many dare to walk. She has an older soul inside of her and it is refreshing to meet people like her. To capture such personalities is a little gift in the creative process. She makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich and I happened to have taken my favorite shot of this year thus far.

For the Feels

My friends and I went out to explore new terrain for the new bikes they purchased. This is what happens when you have a photographer for a friend, you get to have awesome experiences documented. And yes...they convinced me to get a bike too. I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends. Kevin Radovan, Michael Burnshtien, Jason Reibel, & Lexi (she's so hot right now). Seriously. For the feels.

Behind The Scenes

I sometimes capture video while shooting and many times I don't put the footage to use. Here are a few clips from shoots I've done in which video was never published before. Quick just-for-fun video.

A Place called Desolate

“The Shot” with Carolina. A small experimental clip I shot with a GoPro climaxing to my favorite photograph of the day.

Facing my Fears: Heights and Flying

Fear. Everyone has them. Some fears are so immobilizing that it can prevent you from doing the things you would like to do. I had two such fears, flying and heights. I knew that if I wanted to travel more, I would need go let go of such fears. What better way to do that? Face them directly and jump out of a plane of course; what any sane person would do.

Early Portfolio

An upload for Throwback Thursday. A glimpse of my early portfolio...wow...it's fun to look back and see how much my work has changed. How some aspects of it I miss... and some I do not.

Melanie Photo Shoot - Everglades

I purchased a GoPro and decided to take it with me to a photo shoot. I decided to do a little small video with the footage I got.

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